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Foundation Training
Foundation Training is a movement practice designed to restore the body's natural order and put YOU at the center of your health. It teaches your body how to properly support itself and move as nature intended. It was developed by a chiropractor, Dr Eric Goodman, to heal his own chronic back pain and avoid surgery for multiple disc herniations. This exercise program is not a temporary remedy , but a systematic solution that creates long-term health. Foundation Training uses a combination of powerful movements, intentional poses, and conscious breathing work to activate the muscles in your posterior chain. (low back, glutes, hamstrings and calves) When practiced regularly, your pain diminishes , your resistance to injury increases and your body comes to life. Expect to strengthen your torso, pelvis, and backside.

Your spine will decompress. Your breathing capacity and oxygen levels will increase. Your muscles learn to correctly support your structure and your hips will reclaim their intended role as the epicenter of movement. Your whole body will move more efficiently.
These exercises are simple and effective and appropriate for everyone. Please wear any clothing that you are comfortable moving in. The room will be a comfortable temperature, not hot. Please bring a yoga mat and be prepared to feel better soon.