Yin Yoga Instructors
Maggie Hopson, E-RYT 500, has more than 25 years of experience as a physical therapist. She brings to her students an understanding of the structure and function of each unique joint in the body and a sensibility that embodies the spiritual and meditative aspects of a yoga practice. She completed her 200-hour training with Integrated Yoga Therapy in 2001 and has been involved in integrating yoga practices with Western medicine since that time. Maggie owns an outpatient orthopedic physical therapy practice, completed her master’s degree in biomechanics, doctorate in physical therapy and is an orthopedic clinical specialist.
Yin Yoga
Emily Davalos
Maggie Hopson
About fifteen minutes into my first yoga class in December 2010, the teacher came over to me, put her hand on my back, and said “Welcome home.” I describe my first yoga experience as my “ugly duckling” moment in which I truly felt like I fit somewhere. I completed my 200-hour training in October 2012 and have been teaching yin at Summit Health and Fitness since February 2013. Maggie Hopson is my yin teacher, and I intentionally honor what she has shared with me through the way I approach both my practice and the classes I offer. Yin offers me healing through spending time in the parasympathetic nervous system response while learning to let go.