Yin Yoga
This class is taught with relaxing music in a non heated room. Postures are done on the floor and held for up to 5 minutes each. You will be supported by various props to help you remain in the posture with muscles relaxed. As you learn to breathe peacefully and begin to quiet your mind, your fascia and connective tissues begin to slowly unwind. This is the heart of the Yin practice. It is also the perfect balance to a hot Bikram class. Please come to class dressed in comfortable clothing with a sweatshirt for layering and bring a yoga mat. We supply the props. This is a 1 hour class. Doors will open only 15 minutes before class and will lock at the beginning of class, so please be early to set up your props. Studio closes 15 minutes after each class. We encourage you to leave in silence to continue your restful state.

**The Yin/Yang class is a more active class with less props.
Improve your flexibility and decrease your stress through breathing with awareness. Fewer postures, on the floor, supported with props, non-heated, one hour classes.
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